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STOP PARAMILITARY ACTIONS IN CHIAPAS (Audios, articles and CD by Radio Zapatista)
Until agressions and threats of eviction stop against Zapatista bases of support in the community of Bolon Ajaw, DONT VISIT THE FALLS AT AGUA AZUL!
Encounter of Indigenous Peoples of America
New book published by City Lights: The Speed of Dreams - Subcomandante Marcos
Coming up by City Lights: The Fire and The Word - Gloria Muñoz Ramírez

Radio Zapatista is an alternative radio collective reporting on struggles inspired by zapatismo in Mexico, the US, and the world.

We transmit in Spanish the first Friday of every month at from 9 to 10 p.m. and in English the second Friday of every month, on Pacifica Radio at KPFA (94.1 FM in Berkeley / San Francisco) and KFCF (88.1 in Fresno), in the other California, as part of the programming of (La Onda Bajita).

We transmit live from New College, at the Mission District (780 Valencia St.) at the heart of the latinidad in San Francisco, and from the side of the heart (from below and to the left) of this Other Califas of dignity and rebellion. Our live radio show is open to the public, so if you're in the area come on in, bring the gang, make some noise, join the Otra...

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  • Friday, February 1, from 9:00 to 10:00 pm, in Spanish
  • Friday, February 8, from 9:00 to 9:30 pm, in English
  • Friday, February 22, from 9:00 to 10:00 pm, in Spanish - SPECIAL The Fire and the Word with Gloria Muñoz.

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(All audios here are strictly CopyLeft... you may download them, copy them, distribute them, give them to your friends, reproduce them anywhere they may serve spread the word and help resistance, as long as they are not used for economic profit.)

11 Jan New
Program in English: Report on two communities affected by the Mexican government's undeclared war against Zapatista territory, in conjunction with paramilitary forces and pro-government peasant organizations (Bolon Ajaw and 24 de Diciembre). Interview with Prof. Marlon Sherman (Ogala Lakota) from Humboldt State University, who talks about the Lakota Indian declaration of autonomy. English 30 min
Jan 4 New
Program in Spanish: Lakota Indians declare autonomy; Remembering the massacre of Acteal; Commemorating women's resistance and Comandanta Ramona; Repression and paramilitarization in Chiapas. Spanish 50 min
Dec 14 Program Program in English: Gang Injunction - what it really means for poor and people of color communities; Paramilitary activities in Chiapas (update) - Opddic; Update on the housing situation in New Orleans (Katrina). English 26 min
Dec 7 Program Program in Spanish: Update on the No Borders Camp; Situation in Chiapas (Opddic); Invitation to the Women's encounter in La Garrucha; Indigenous struggle at the University of California, Berkeley; Struggle in New Orleans - Katrina victims. Spanish 60 min
Nov 11 Special
Report on the No Borders Camp (Nov 5-11) at the border between Mexicali and Calexico, and the violent repression by the Border Patrol against peaceful demonstrators in Calexico. Spanish 8 min
Nov 11 Interview Interview about Border Patrol repression at the No Borders Camp at the Calexico/Mexicali border. One of the participants gives his testimony on the unprovoked Border Patrol violence against peaceful demonstrators on November 11. Spanish / English. (Courtesy of independent media collectives in Mexicali.) Watch the video of the repression. Spanish
6 min
Nov 2 Program Program in Spanish: Interview with Oscar from Movement for Justice in El Barrio, East Harlem, New York, and their struggle against gentrification; Interview with Sergio Beltrán in Oaxaca about the repression today (Nov 2) and the situation in that state. Commentaries on the Plan Mexico (rebaptized as the Mérida Initiative) of US economic "aid" for military buildup in Mexico (for more info, read Laura Carlsen's article). Spanish 54 min
Oct 12 Program Program in English: Report on the Continental Indigenous Encounter in Vicam, Sonora; Interview with Morning Star of the Intertribal Friendship House and indigenous movement supporter Cesar, on the protests against at UC Berkeley, which is holding 13,000 indigenous ancestor bodies at the Hearst Museum; Interview with members of CopWatch L.A., who talk about the purpose and workings of the organization. English 48 min
Oct 12 Interview Interview with Morning Star from the Intertribal Friendship House and with indigenous rights activist Cesar, about the protests at UC Berkeley, where 13,000 bodies of indigenous ancestor are being held at the Hearst Museum, without consultation or dialog with indigenous communities. Spanish / English English
8 / 4 min
Oct 5 Program Homage to Che Guevara; Repression and militarization in Mexico; Local struggles in the US. Spanish 55 min
Sep 14 Program Report on the community 24 de Diciembre. La Otra Misión: resistance in the Mission District of San Francisco. English 28 min
Sep 14 Flashpoints Flashpoints: Repression and resistance in Mexico. Resistance in Brazil (MST). English
60 min
Sep 13 Interview Interview with Patricia from "la Otra Misión". Pati talks about the border, immigration, and the Otra Misión. Protests in support of Elvira Arellano. Churches in defense of immigrant rights. Border tour organized by San Francisco City College. Organization of the No Borders Camp in November. English 11 min
Sep 7 Program Repression and resistance in Mexico and the US. Interview with Gloria Muñoz Ramírez about the government assault on her home in Mexico City and the situation in the country. Report on the zapatista community 24 de Diciembre. Paramilitary attacks against zapatistas in the municipality of Olga Isabel. Expulsion of 2 peasant communities in Montes Azules by the federal government. Repression against migrants in the US. Spanish 56 min
August 27 Report Report about the SPPNA (Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America), produced by Boca de Polen, Chiapas. (Read the article in English by CIEPAC about the SPPNA.) Spanish 14 min
Aug 23 Special
Special report on the zapatista community 24 de Diciembre. Radio Zapatista visited the community to hear the testimonies of the inhabitants and to the caracol of La Realidad to talk to the Good Government Council. This special report explains, in the zapatistas´ own words, the threat of eviction from their lands by the peasant organization Union de Ejidos de la Selva, by the local police, and the army. It also recounts zapatista peaceful and organized resistance. Spanish 17 min
Short version in English of the report about the zapatista community 24 de Diciembre. English 11 min
Aug 23 Interview Complete Interview with compas from the community 24 de Diciembre, whose lands are threatened by the pro-government peasant organization Unión de Ejidos de la Selva, in complicity with the federal army and the state police. Spanish 13 min
Aug 23 Interview Interview with the Good Government Council of La Realidad about the issue of land and the situation faced by the zapatista community 24 de Diciembre. Spanish 15 min
Aug 23 Interview Interview with the Good Government Council of La Realidad about autonomous healthcare, especially with traditional, indigenous medicine. Spanish 13 min
Aug 20 Interview Interview with the Good Government Council of Morelia. The Junta de Buen Gobierno talks about the successes and challenges in the construction of zapatista autonomy, and of their organizational experience with the II Encounter Encuentro between the Zapatista Peoples and the Peoples of the World. Spanish 28 min
Aug 10 Program Program in English: Reportback from the 2nd Encuentro between the Zapatista Peoples and the Peoples of the World; as well as a special report about opportunities and strategies for cross-border organizing within the Other Campaign English 25 min
Aug 10 Interview Interview with Jun Fujita, Japanese writer and scholar, who speaks about the relevance of zapatismo in Japan and the world. Spanish 9 min
Aug 10 Interview Interview with members of Okupa Che Guevara. They speak about autonomy, self-determination, repression by the university administration, the role of the Che Guevara in the Other Campaign, etc. Spanish 45 min
Aug 3 Report II Encounter between the zapatistas and the peoples of the world. Brief report on the construction of zapatista autonomy. Spanish 10 min
Jul 23 Interview Interview with the colectivo "los sin nombre", la Otra Zacatecas, about the struggles in the state of Zacatecas, the status of the Other Campaign, and the issue of migration. Spanish 40 min
Jul 17 Roundtable Words by Soraya Soriano from the MST (Movimento Sem Terra - Landless Movement), Brazil, at the roundtable on Land and Territory organized by the EZLN in Mexico City on July 17. Portuguese 18 min
Jul 13 Program Program in English: Interview with Pati from "Deporten a la Migra" on immigration and resistance in the Bay Area; Report on the Forum on Repression in Mexico City; Report on the Marginal Literature Movement in Brazil. English 30 min
Jul 6 Program Program in Spanish: Announcement of the II Encounter between the zapatistas and the peoples of the world; Discussion on the US Social Forum; Discussion of the situation of migrants in the US; Students go on hunger strike in favor of the Dream Act. Report on the Forum on Repression in Mexico City; Report on the Landless Peasant Movement (MST) in Brazil. Spanish 60 min
Jul 6 Report Report on the Marginal Literature Movement in Brazil, which promotes poetry and literature as a weapon for resistance in the favelas and the empoverished peripheries of Brazil's large cities. Spanish 13 min
Jul 1 Interview Interview with Ferréz, one of the pioneers of the Marginal Literature Movement in Brazil. We interviewed Ferréz during a weekly poetry event organized by Cooperifa (Cooperativa de Poesia da Periferia) in São Paulo's "Zona Sul". Portuguese 10 min
Jul 1 Interview Interview with Alan da Rosa, poet, writer, and member of Cooperifa, (Cooperativa de Poesia da Periferia) in São Paulo's "Zona Sul". Portuguese 10 min
Jul 1 Interview Interview with Serginho Poeta and Do Gueto, members of Cooperifa, (Cooperativa de Poesia da Periferia). The poets speak about the influence of zapatismo in their work and the marginal literature movement. Portuguese 9 min
Jun 8 Program Program in English: Report about alternative media and the repression and censure against Regeneración Radio. Report on immigration (interview with Evelyn Sánchez from the Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition). English 30 min
Jun 1 Program Program in Spanish: Report from the encounter between the Sixth Commission and the Other Campaign in the US (which took place in Tijuana). Report on the latest proposals for immigrant laws and the resistance to them. Interview with the compas from Regeneración Radio (Radio Pacheco) about the harassment and repression they are suffering. Report on zapatismo in Brazil (interview with Pedro Ortiz, one of the authors of Zapatistas: a velocidade do sonho, presented in Salvador, Bahia. Spanish 60 min
May 25 Interview Interview with Pedro Ortiz, one of the 3 authors of the book Zapatistas: a velocidade do sonho, launched in Salvador, Bahia, Brasil on May 25. Pedro speaks about the book, the relevance of Zapatismo and the 6th Declaration in Brazil, and the situation of indigenous peoples in the country. Spanish 19 min
May 4 Program Program in Spanish: One year since Atenco; Harrassment against the Sixth Commision of the EZLN; Continental Encounter of Indigenous Peoples of America, The Other Campaign, Situation in Chiapas (Interview by Radio Bemba wth Comandante David, Subcomandante Marcos, Juan Chávez); May 1 marches, immigration. Spanish 60 min
April 28 Report
(G8 / Land)
Report about the Anti-G8 Festival in Berlin (Apr 20-22) and International Day for Peasant Struggles (Apr 17), courtesy of Radio Matraca (Berlin, Germany). Spanish 27 min
April 27 Interview
Interview about the alarming situation of Turkish immigrants in Greece and about immigration in Europe in general (by Radio Sherwood (Italy)). English 12 min
April 25 Interview
Interview with Andre (by Radio Sherwood (Italy)), of Net Dissent, who speaks about how European anti-global social movements are organizing to protest against the G8 Summit. Also, the situation of immigrants in Europe and the demonstrations planned to protest discriminations against immigrants in Europe. English 7:30 min
April 24 Interview
Interview with Vittorio Sergi (by Radio Sherwood (Italy)), one of the coordinators of the network of European movements that is preparing to protest the G8 Summit near Rostock, Germany, the first week in June. English 6:30 min
April 24 Interview
Interview with María Jiménez from Mujeres Unidas y Activas
María speaks to us about grassroots organizing for the May 1st marches. She also speaks about the current situation of immigrants in the US, in particular in California, and about the challenges for political participation of Latino women, who are doubly discriminated against. Visit Mujeres Unidas y Activas's webpage and participate.
Spanish 25 min
Apr 13 Program Report on the beginning of the 2nd phase of the Other Campaign; Report from the Cucapá Camp in Baja California English 30 min
Apr 6 Prorgram The 2nd phase of the Other Campaign begins and the EZLN launches international campaign for the defense of land and territories. Interview with our special correspondent to the Cucapa Camp; Zapatismo around the world; The struggles against anti-inmigrant policies in Northern California with music by Associazone Ya Basta! (Italy), from their new CD Un cafecito mami. Spanish 55 min
Apr 6 Interview Entrevista sobre okupación y los centros sociales en Madrid Spanish 15 min
Mar 30 - Apr 1 Interviews GLOBAL MEETING: International anticapitalist encounter in Venice, Italy:
Oscar Oliveira - Coordinadora del Agua, Bolivia
Oscar nos da una perspectiva histórica de la lucha popular desde la "Guerra del Agua" hasta el presente, y traza una visión crítica del actual gobierno de Evo Morales.
Spanish 30 min
Gilvânia Ferreira - Movimento Sem Terra, Brasil
Gilvânia habla sobre la situación de la tierra en Brasil y la lucha del MST.
Portuguese 23 min
Ricardo Montoya - Activista, Colombia
Ricardo habla sobre las actividades de un colectivo de jóvenes que actúa en la periferia de Bogotá.
Spanish 15 min
Marc Villa - Documentarista, Venezuela
Marc habla del papel de los movimientos sociales en Venezuela como fuerza articuladora más allá de las determinaciones del estado.
Spanish 13 min
David Suarez Changuán - Universidad de Quito, Ecuador
David nos habla sobre las dificultades de los movimientos sociales en el contexto de la nueva "gobernabilidad" de gobiernos de izquierda en latinoamérica, y de la lucha contra las grandes petroleras en la Amazonia ecuatoriana.
Spanish 7 min
Luis Hernández Navarro - La Jornada, México (entrevistas por Ya Basta!):
Luis habla sobre la situación en México, la Otra Campaña, la política de los de arriba, el café en México (la producción, el papel de los coyotes, el mercado nacional e internacional, las cooperativas en resistencia) y la historia de San Salvador Atenco.
Spanish and Italian
Heriberto Salas Amac - Frente del Pueblo en Defensa de la Tierra - San Salvador Atenco (video interview by Ya Basta!) Spanish 3 min
Sebastián Skolnic y Mario Santucho - Colectivo Situaciones - Argentina (video interview by Ya Basta!)
Sebastián and Mario talk about the challenges created by the new gobernability established by the "leftist" Latin American governments.
Spanish 8 min
Mar 9 Program Agressions against zapatista communities by the paramilitary organization OPDDIC English 25 min
March Testimonies Brigada Internacional de Información sobre las acciones de la organización paramilitar Opddic contra las comunidades zapatistas
Testimonio de la Junta de Buen Gobierno de Morelia Spanish 32 min
Testimonio del Consejo Municipal Autónomo de Vicente Guerrero Spanish 43 min
Mar 2 SPECIAL Hermann Bellinghausen, Gustavo Castro y Gustavo Esteva sobre las agresiones y amenazas contra las comunidades zapatistas y la lucha por la tierra (Opddic, gobiernos estatal y federal, empresas, ejército) y análisis sobre la situación actual en Oaxaca Spanish 57 min
Jan 12 SPECIAL Encounter between the zapatistas and the peoples of the world English 50 min
Jan 5 SPECIAL Encuentro entre los pueblos zapatistas y los pueblos del mundo Spanish 1 hr
Jan 2 Inverview Juan Chávez, consejal de la APPO (sector estudiantil / sector indígena) nos habla sobre la situación en Oaxaca - grabado en Oventik Spanish 15 min
Dec 20 Inverview Entrevistas con miembros de colectivos zapatistas en Madrid durante acción en apoyo a Oaxaca Spanish 8 min
Dec 8 Program Death in Chiapas; The new repressive government of Felipe Calderón; Situation in Oaxaca English 30 min
Dec 1 Program El circo de los de arriba; Entrevista a Miguel Angel Vasquez de EDUCA (Oaxaca); la gira de la Otra termina Spanish 1 hora
Nov 16 Flashpoints Prof. Steve Ellner (Universidad del Oriente, Venezuela) and Carina Vance (University of California Berkeley) English
Nov 10 Program Interview with Greg Ruggiero (City Lights); Oaxaca; la Otra in the US English 30 min
Nov Inverview Daniel Nemser interviewed in Tijuana by Sin Fronteras (La Otra Australia) English 10 min
Nov 4 Program Transfronterizo, Represión en Oaxaca, La Otra en el norte Spanish 1 hora
Oct 6 Report Reportaje sobre la situación en Oaxaca y entrevista a miembro de la APPO en Oakland Spanish 8 min
Oct 6 Report Reportaje sobre el Primer Encuentro Transfronterizo de la Otra Spanish 8 min
Oct 6 Segment Los peatones de la historia: dos peatones en caminos distintos... Spanish 5 min
Oct 6 Segment Los peatones de la historia: ¿la hora de las definiciones? Spanish 5 min
Sep 15-17 Testimonies Primer Encuentro Transfronterizo en Tijuana
Gloria Muñoz Ramírez habla sobre la vida en las comunidades zapatistas Spanish 15 min
El compa Reynaldo (Colectivo Cosme y Damián, Tijuana) lee texto sobre los niños de abajo Spanish 2:40 min
Alejandro Reyes: pensar através de la frontera Spanish 7 min
September Inverview Entrevista a los compas de la Otra Querétaro sobre los próximos pasos de la Otra Spanish 21 min
September Inverview Entrevista de Radio La Transgresora (Tijuana) a Radio Zapatista sobre nuestro reciente viaje en moto en México Spanish
Sep 8 Program Report on the immigrant march in San Francisco; Reflexión on the "moderate left" English 30 min
Sep 1 Program Programa sobre la reorganización de la Otra Campaña, la censura, los medios de comuicación, la represión incluyendo entrevista con Lucas Álvarez de Política de Banqueta Spanish 60 min
Sep 1 Flashpoints Movement in the zócalo, Mexico's presidential state of the union, commentarios on the situation in Mexico with Dennis Bernstein, Francisco Herrera, John Gibler, Alejandro Reyes, Pancho Ramos, John Ross, Miguel Guerrero English 1 hr
Aug 12 Report La Otra on this side of the border English 13 min
Aug 4 Report Reportaje sobre el caos postelectoral y las estrategias de la Otra Campaña Spanish 10 min
Aug 4 Report Reportaje sobre la represión y estrategias de resistencia de la Otra Campaña Spanish 12 min
Aug 4 Report Análisis sobre la lucha anticapitalista, la autonomía y la economía solidaria Spanish 13 min
Aug 4 Report Reportaje sobre la situación en Chiapas Spanish 14 min
Jul 27 Inverview Entrevista con Onésimo Hidalgo (CIEPAC - Centro de Investigaciones Económicas y Políticas de Acción Comunitaria) sobre a situación de las comunidades zapatistas Spanish 32 min
Jul 25 Inverview Entrevista con Michael Chamberlin (Frayba - Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Bartolomé de las Casas) situación en Chiapas en el contexto de la Otra Campaña, la Alerta Roja, el conflicto postelectoral y la represión estatal Spanish 51 min
Jul 25 Inverview Entrevista con Jorge Santiago (DESMI Chiapas) sobre la economía solidaria y la lucha anticapitalista Spanish 58 min
Jul 14 Program Oaxaca and Mexico's elections English 30 min
Jul 14 Report Report for Flashpoints about the people's movement of Oaxaca English 8 min
Jul 14 Report Report on the post-electoral situation in Mexico English 8 min
Jul 14 Report Report on the situation in Oaxaca and its relevance for the Other Campaign English 10 min
Jul 12 Inverview
Part 1
Prof. Gustavo Esteva, from Universidad de la Tierra, Oaxaca, speaks about the Mexican elections and the people's movement in Oaxaca English 38 min
Jul 12 Inverview
Part 2
Prof. Gustavo Esteva, speaks about the Other Campaign in the context of the Oaxacan movement English 9 min
Jul 10 Program Programa conjunto de Radio Plantón y Radio Zapatista (transmitido en Radio Plantón, Oaxaca) Spanish 1 hr
Jul 7 Report Reportaje especial sobre las violaciones a los derechos humanos en San Salvador Atenco Spanish 19 min
Jul 7 Report Reportaje especial sobre los medios alternativos comunicación Spanish 21 min
Jul 7 Report Reportaje especial sobre la elección, la marcha del 2 de julio, la asamblea nacional y la democracia Spanish 14 min
Jul 3 Report Report on the Mexican elections, the zapatista march, the Other Campaign's national assembly and democracy English 8 min
Jul 1 Testimony La Otra del Otro Lado en la Asamblea nacional (cortesía de IMC) Spanish 3 min
Jun 28 Report Report on repression and political prisoners English 6 min
Jun 30 Inverview Entrevista con Italia Mendez, una de las mujeres torturadas durante la represión a Atenco Spanish 7 min
Jun 30 Inverview Interview with Italia Mendez, one of the women tortured during the repression in Atenco English 7 min
Jun 27 Inverview Entrevista con Angel Benhumea, padre de Alexis Benhumea Spanish 13 min
Jun 26 Report Report on Atenco and the life and death of Alexis Benhumea English 6 min
Jun 9 Special Programa especial sobre la represión en San Salvador Atenco con Hermann Belinghausen de La Jornada Spanish 30 min
Jun 1 Report Report on immigration during the Migrant Trail in Arizona. Interview with participants in the march, migrants who survived the ordeal through the desert, interview with Shanti Sellz (facing possible 15 years imprisonment for helping migrants in danger of death in the desert), interview with Miguel Pickard (CIEPAC - Chiapas) who talks about the structural causes of immigration. English 15 min
May 12 Program Programa sobre la represión en San Salvador Atenco Spanish 30 min
Apr 14 Program La lucha indígena en la Otra Spanish 30 min
Apr 6 Flashpoints Interview with Alejandro Reyes and Pedro Navarro of Radio Zapatista in Flashpoints. Pedro reports on his visit to Chiapas; Alejandro speaks about the upcoming motorcycle trip with the Other Campaign. English 20 min
Mar 10 Program La revolución de las mujeres en la Otra Spanish 30 min
Feb Inverview Interview with Ashanti Allston, about zapatismo and the Black Panthers English 13 min
Jan 13 Program Empieza la Otra Campaña Spanish 30 min
Dec 9 Program Programa sobre la invisibilidad Spanish 30 min



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