We Are All Oaxaca

Audios by Radio Zapatista:

Nov 2 Program Program in Spanish: Interview with Oscar from Movement for Justice in El Barrio, East Harlem; Interview with Sergio Beltrán in Oaxaca about the repression today (Nov 2) and the situation in that state. Commentaries on the Plan Mexico. Spanish 54 min
Jan 2 Interview Juan Chávez, APPO (student sector / indigenous sector) speaks about the situation in Oaxaca - recorded at Oventik, Chiapas Spanish 15 min
Dec 20 Interview Entrevistas con miembros de colectivos zapatistas en Madrid durante acción en apoyo a Oaxaca Spanish 8 min
Dec 8 Program Death in Chiapas; The new repressive government of Felipe Calderón; Situation in Oaxaca English 30 min
Dec 1 Program Interview with Miguel Angel Vasquez from EDUCA (Oaxaca); the Other Campaign's tour ends Spanish 1 hr
Nov 4 Program First transborder encounter of the Other Campaign, Repression in Oaxaca, La Otra in the North Spanish 1 hr
Oct 6 Report Reportaje on the situation Oaxaca and interview to a member of APPO in Oakland Spanish 8 min
Sep Interview Interview by Radio La Transgresora (Tijuana) to Radio Zapatista about our motorcycle trip in México - Oaxaca, Chiapas, Red Alert Spanish 7 min
Aug 4 Report Report on Repression and the Strategies of the Other Campaign Spanish 12 min
Jul 14 Program Radio Zapatista in English: Oaxaca and elections English 30 min
Jul 14 Report
The Popular Movement of Oaxaca English 8 min
Jul 14 Report
Report on the Situation in Oaxaca and its relevance to the Other Campaign English 10 min
Jul 12 Interview
Part 1
Prof. Gustavo Esteva, from Universidad de la Tierra, Oaxaca, speaks bout elections and the people's movement in Oaxaca English 38 min
Jul 12 Interview
Part 2
Prof. Gustavo Esteva, speaks about the Other Campaign in the context of the Oaxacan movement English 9 min
Jul 10 Program Joint program by Radio Plantón and Radio Zapatista (broadcast by Radio Plantón, Oaxaca). Both collectives speak about their respective work as alternative media. Spanish 1 hr


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